The worlds strongest ceramic nanotechnology 



This coating is suitable for not only cars but also luxury goods like bags, jackets and shoes etc

For professional use only

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Ceramitech Leather coating is an amazing product that protects all leather surfaces from ink transfer,liquids and general wear.

It can be used on car interiors and will last a minimum of 12 months.  

UV & UVB Resistant

Anti wear


12 Months + Protection

Easy Cleaning

Super High Gloss

Easy to Handle & Apply

Keeps Leather Soft


Our Leather coating is based on most of our nanotech coatings. It has been tested on a multitude of leather types, all giving excellent results.

Formulated by our chemical engineer and his team over the last 2 years. Leather is an amazing coating.

Less cleaning required when this coating is applied and is also a deterrent to ink transfer.

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