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Becoming an approved CeramiTech applicator or distributor is easy, just fill in the form below and one of our agents will contact you within 24 hours. We take our brand and standards very seriously and only seek individuals who also share the same passion.

We accept applicants worldwide. 


There are requirements and conditions to being an approved CeramiTech applicator or distributor.

1. You must be a trading company in a relevant sector featured on our site.

2. You must have a detailing studio/unit, as all coatings must be applied inside.

3. Be trained in detailing and application of thin films and sealants/coatings*.

4. Have the drive and professionalism to carry our brand forward.


CeramiTech are seeking distributors in the following regions-






Please contact us directly to discuss a partnership.


The benefits of becoming an approved applicator are endless, some are listed below.

  • No franchise or license fees ever

  • Full training program and ongoing training if required*

  • Be part of national and multi-national media campaigns

  • United members worldwide

  • Be first to sample and test our new products and developments. 

  • Have your business listed at trade shows and on all our social media

  • Join a community of applicators worldwide

  • 15 mile exclusive territory**

Success! Message received.


Our terms for applicators and distributors are separate, below we will list our applicator terms. For distribution terms please contact us using the above form.

The 'company' have the right to refuse any 'applicator' application without informing of reason.

If approved applicators must pay in advance in full for all or any part order including shipping unless otherwise arranged by the 'company'.

The 'company' retain the right to revoke approved 'applicator' status at any time without notice which will in turn remove you from the network.

The 'company' will and can request to inspect any space, studio or unit for suitability to work with the 'products'. Failure to grant this request will result in an application being cancelled or revoked.

A first time order will be applicable upon acceptance as an approved 'applicator'.

There is no minimum order but the 'company' expect the 'applicator' to actively sell the 'products' in the form of coating applications. 

Any change in your business circumstances ie address, trading name must be documented and sent to the 'company'.

An approved 'applicator' must agree to the 'company's' preparation and application methods.

The 'applicator' must agree to the company's minimum pricing structure for applications.

We will not issue any of the 'companies' products to mobile detailers/valeters unless agreed by the 'comapny'.

The 'applicator' is responsible for their own insurance in terms of applying the 'companies' product.

The radius set at 15 mile exclusive territory is at the discretion of the 'company'**.

The radius set at 15 mile exclusive territory is also based on performance**.



All of the 'companies' products will be shipped standard courier shipping(UK 2/3 days with maximum 1 day handling period)unless otherwise requested by the 'applicator'.

Products are shipped from either London or Glasgow and are not available for collection unless agreed by the 'company'.

The 'applicator' is responsible for all shipping fees unless otherwise agreed by the 'company'.

Damages during shipping will be insured by the 'company' and will be compensated/replaced upon notification of damage.

International/overseas shipping costs will vary dependent on the region.

Some regions apply an additional 'tax' the 'companies' formula therefor extra costs may apply.

All and any duty, tax, or VAT levied at the applicator or distributors border control or government is their sole responsibility.

*Costs may apply

** The 'company' reserve the right to alter this radius dependent on population of the territory and performance of applicator.

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