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CeramiTechs marine coatings are permanent nano ceramic applications which allows its users to have a single one off coating to stop continual lifts for cleaning and anti-foul procedures. Other benefits are reduced marine life build up giving a smoother hull which can reduce drag and thus giving extra speed and a saving in fuel.

This particular coating is available in any quantity to be used for commercial use or for marine retailers wanting to offer this coating to clients. This coating is environmentally friendly as will more than half cleaning of any substrate it is applied to. Full ongoing training and onsite applicators are also available for this coating.

*Anti corrosion

*Rust proof

*Weather resistant

*Superhdrophobic properties

*Single one off application

*Chemical resistant

*Coated on a molecular scale

*Self cleaning



This revolutionary coating is and will remain the strongest coating to date for the marine and aviation industry. The saving in operating costs are unparalleled to any other form of coating or paints available.

CeramiTech can supply any volume of our marine coating produced on an individual basis and shipped directly to our customer worldwide.

Trial volumes and demonstration requests are invited by any marine retailer or any company/professional operating in the marine sector.

To discuss options and requirements please contact us from the enquire page.

*Full coverage







*Engines/electrical components

*Plus more



Permanent ceramic coating  giving full protection for all marine craft from jet ski to yacht.