CeramiTech PH Shampoo's are formulated and designed here in the UK. Specific to CeramiTechs portfolio of nano protection.

CeramiTech Shampoo & Foam Combo

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  • 1x PH Shampoo 500ml

    1x PH Snow Foam 500ml


    Purchase this bundle and save 15% on individual bottles.


    PH Shampoo is designed to be sympathetic to any coating, wax or sealant. This is a vital product in any detailer or enthusiasts arsenal. This shampoo will be sufficent for a maintenance wash or a deep clean.


    Add recommended dilution to a bucket with clean warm water

    Add wash mitt and allow to soak

    Get the car wet and then start from the top and work downwards, rinse the mitt in a seperate bucket with clean warm water regularly

    Rinse thoroughly


    Along with our PH Shampoo this Snow Foam is sympathetic to ceramic coatings, wax and sealants so be assured it wont damage them. For use at the wash stage to remove above surface contamination.


    Fill with recomended dilution

    Spray liberally on to surface starting from the top downwards

    Allow to dwell for approx 2 mins, never allow to dry

    Notice the foam drawing down the paint

    Rinse thoroughly

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