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The worlds first Graphene Self Heal ceramic nanotechnology 



CeramiTech Graphene Self Heal coating is a world and industry first.

Ground breaking nanotechnology infused with the strongest material known to man.

For professional use only


Ceramitech Graphene is a new permanent, self healing paint protection system designed for paint only. Its mere name shows its power.


Specifically designed and manufactured for the professional sector. 

Self Healing Skin

Permanent Protection 


Anti Rust & Corrosion  

Less Cleaning

Extreme Gloss & Shine

Scuff & Scratch Proof

Chemical Resistant


This formulation has been under development for the last 2 years to get the exact balance between hardness and flexibility. 

Graphene has a self healing skin, any light scratching can be removed by simply applying heat to the effected area, either boiling water or heat gun.


Now the release of Graphene has arrived

Graphene can be multi layered and used in conjunction with our Base+ product.

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