CeramiTech Commercial coatings are the strongest to date and are available to all petrochem, fleet, oil, gas and construction operators worldwide. 

Coatings can be applied by hand or sprayer. It can also be used in dipping tanks for fasteners and bolts plus any other substrates at their manufacturing location giving ultimate protection from day 1.


CeramiTech can offer a full inclusive coating service to any site worldwide suitable to your needs and requirements. Our coatings are applied by CeramiTech operatives only, this give the substrate the best protection from the beginning.

*Anti corrosion

*Rust proof

*Weather resistant

*Superhdrophobic properties

*For temperatures up to 950 centigrade and  - 250 centigrade

*Chemical resistant

*Coated on a molecular scale

*Plus more


Steelcarbon, stainless, chrome plated, galvanized.

Aluminium sheet, bar or rod (many alloys), foil, anodized or chrome pre-treated.

Copper, brass, bronze, red brass, other alloys.

Castings, aluminium, magnesium, zinc.




magnesium, titanium, nickel, silver alloy, 1/30th gold filled.



glass, alumina, pyroceram (Corning Ware).


*Fasteners & bolts



*Exotic materials

*Construction & building materials


*Plant machinery



CeramiTechs commercial coatings fits an abundance of applications. If you can reach it you can coat it with this ceramic permanent application

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