With the automotive sector being our backbone our formulation has evolved into one of the strongest nanotech sealants available to date. CeramiTech's top sealant is a permanent nano coating which is 9H in strength.

To complement this we have a 24 month durability sealant along with glass, rubber & plastic and leather sealants. 

With development of our car care range spanning 9+ years and supplying automotive retail groups previously we have now released our range to the rest of the professional sector, for example detailers and car care professionals. 

CeramiTech is not available for retail so you can only be supplied by us or one of our accredited distributors.


Ceramitech Graphene is the worlds first graphene infused nano ceramic coating.

A total balance between hardness and flexibility, plus self healing skin.


CeramiTech 9h is a permanent ceramic nanotechnology coating which gives you high gloss and shine with a one off application.

Tested by SGS Europe as 9H+ hardness.


Hybrid is the culmination of 2 formulas giving its users around 3 years paint protection.

Super hydrophobic and chemical resistant this coating gives high gloss and shine. 


Specifically designed for glass this super-hydrophobic coating has 12 months + durability allowing water to bead and roll of glass.


CeramiTech Vinyl/PPF coating has been designed for the protection film and vinyl wrap market. This will give valuable protection to your wrap or PPF.


Leather coated with our leather protector will stay cleaner for longer. It will also repel liquid and dirt and grime from bonding to its surface, making for easier cleaning. 


24m gives you protection for 24 months +. This particular coating was designed in our early years as one of our first nanotech coatings . Durable high gloss coating.


Suitable for interior and exterior this plastic coating will prevent UV fade of plastics and rubbers, while being hydrophobic meaning longer intervals between cleaning.

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