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The worlds strongest ceramic nanotechnology


Hybrid's development is a mix between 2 of our coatings to create this 3 year durability nano ceramic coating.

Giving a hardness of around 6-7H it is a perfect short term vehicle ownership paint protection system.

For professional use only


Hybrid has a 3 year durability term with

6-7H hardness.

This coating is a pleasure to apply with wipe on wipe off buff application and quick curing times will make this very popular.

UV & UVB Resistant

Easy Application


3 Year Durability

Less Cleaning

High Gloss & Shine

Minimum 6H Hardness*

Chemical Resistant


CeramiTech Hybrid's formulation offers its user quick curing times giving faster turnaround time on each vehicle.

Formulated and tested over a short term but as it is a Hybrid mixture of 2 existing coatings from CeramiTech its ready for pro use.

Hybrid can be used in conjunction with Base+ and also used to top a 9H+ application for unmatched power.

*Not independently tested

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